Top 10 Things To Do In Minecraft

MineCraft is a sandbox video game.  It was designed by a Swedish game designer named Markus “Notch” Persson but later published by Mojang.  This game lets you build and create anything you can.  It is in a 3D procedurally generated world.  Game exploration, resource gathering, crafting, and combat are just a few of the entertaining activities to do in MineCraft.

The freedom you have in this game is endless.  Roam the whole map that you are given in the beginning to find hidden caves, villages, and so much more.  Diving into this game will have you binging for hours on end.  Here are top 10 things you should do in MineCraft.

1. Make Village Children

Minecraft Village children

You can make the villagers reproduce in Minecraft.  You will need to make a house in the village that is 5×5, putting doors on all sides.  This will create the illusion of multiple houses that need to be occupied.  Of course, put a roof on it and wait around 20 minutes or until hearts appear above two villagers heads.

2. Ride a Pig

Riding a pig

There is a trophy, or achievement for riding a pig.  Using a carrot on a stick (which is essentially a fishing rod with a carrot) and a saddle, riding a pig is another way to move around in MineCraft.  Not as efficient as riding a horse, but it makes for a funny screenshot.

3. Farming Animals

Chicken reproduce pic

Just like the villagers, you can have animals reproduce.  Feed them what they eat (chickens eat seeds, cows eat wheat, pigs eat carrots, cats eat salmon etc).  Farming is a great way to provide useful resources like meat, leather, wool, feathers etc.  Check out this complete guide to Farming.

4. Make Potions

Making potion pic

Once you make a potions table, you can craft potions to aid you in your journey.  There are lots of potions to create.  I use fire resistance, water breathing, and healing potions the most.  I use DigMineCraft for the recipes because there are so many different potions to create.  DigMineCraft breaks down how to make each potion, what each potion does, and a list of ingredients for each.

5. Go To Nether World

Entering Nether

Build a portal to enter the NetherWorld.

Nether portal

To build a portal, you will need 14 obsidian. You will use obsidian to build the frame of the portal. The base should be 4 obsidian wide and be 5 obsidian high.  It should look like a doorway. This design will use 14 blocks of obsidian altogether.  Once built, use flint and steel to light the portal.  It will turn purple once lit.  Simply jump in the doorway looking portal to enter the Netherworld.

6. Fight Ender Dragon

Ender Portal Making

Without giving away to many spoilers, there is what is called The End.  It is the world that is full of Enderman and the Ender Dragon.  The Ender Dragon is essentially the Final Boss added to MineCraft.  But you have to find the Ender portal first.  You will need Ender Pearls, made from killing Enderman or buying from the Villager Priest.  You will need 12 Ender Pearls just for the portal but you also need the ender pearls to locate the stronghold that the portal is hiding in.  I recommend bringing at least 10 extra Ender pearls, in addition to the 12.  Once you are ready, simply throw the Ender pearls in the air and follow the direction they float in, to find the stronghold.  Once the stronghold is found, the Ender pearl will sink into the ground instead of floating in the air.  The stronghold is always underground.  Once found, find your way to the room where the Ender portal is.  (Clue: you will be attacked by silverfish that are guarding the portal)

7. Make an Iron Golem

iron golem patrol minecraft

Iron golems are protectors of villages.  They are difficult to kill if you are caught attacking villagers.  But you can also make them as well.  You will need 4 blocks of iron and a pumpkin.  I love making them so they can defend the village at night.  This helps me build up a nearby village so I can have a place to trade.  DigMineCraft has a step by step tutorial on how to build iron golems.

8. Enchant Weapons, Armor, and Books

Enchantment Table

Build an Enchantment table to enchant any weapon, armor, and even books.  Put the item, with lapis lazuli, on the enchantment table menu.  Here is a list of the enchantments.

9. Tame A Dog


Taming a dog will provide you with a fighting companion to help you in your journey through MineCraft.  Walk up to any wolf with a bone in your hand and feed it to them until hearts appear over their head.  The hearts indicate you have successfully tamed the wolf which is now your dog.  You can also tame ocelots, parrots, horses, and donkeys.

10. Ride A Horse

Tame Horse pic

Taming a horse will provide a faster way to move around the MineCraft world.  Approach any horse with nothing in your hand and attempt to sit on.  The horse may knock you off a few times, but once hearts appear then you know you have successfully tamed it.  You can also find armor and name the horse as well.


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