My Top 10 Favorite Games, So Far

I would like to share with you what type of gamer I am.  I have played a lot of games over the years.  I came up with a list of my top 10 favorite games so far.  These are games that I can replay multiple times and have just as much fun as I did the first time I played.  Here are my top 10 favorite games, not in any particular order.

1. Fallout 4


Fallout 4 is an action role-playing game developed by Bethesda and Game Studios.  It is set in an open world post-apocalyptic time period in the city of Boston, Massachusetts.  In the game, it is known as “The Commonwealth.”  You play as the “Sole Survivor,” who was tricked into cryogenic stasis in Vault 111.  After the player witnesses a major event that shapes Fallout storyline, they come out of cryo to a post-apocalyptic world.  Now it is time to explore this open world.  There is so much to do in Fallout.  There is the ability to construct and manage settlements, the ability to craft from materials scavenged that can be used for various things, discover places, fighting or joining factions, protect the Commonwealth, and meet characters in the game.  I absolutely love playing this game.  Granted, Preston Garvey constantly saying “Another settlement needs your help” got somewhat annoying, but I still had lots of fun building settlements how I wanted, scavenging newly discovered places, and going on quests that had their own story apart from the main storyline.

2. Minecraft

riding boat 1

This 3-dimensional sandbox game can be played as a single player or multiplayer, in survival or creative mode.  Each world is randomly generated and virtually infinite.  That is what one of the things I like about it.  You never experience the same world twice.  Not only is discovering a new world exciting, but the freedom you get in Minecraft is mind-blowing.  One of my favorite things to do is getting lost in an endless cave and find all sorts of materials to use for building whatever comes to mind.  Then I will design and build a complex village, making it a great place to trade with villagers for some really awesome items.  I love to explore in this game.   However, there is a goal to work towards which requires a great deal of preparation.

3. Portal (the series)

Special thanks to TooMuchGaming for photo

Portal 1 and 2 are first-person puzzle platform games.  Developed by Valve Corporation, these game had me thinking outside the box.  Using a hand-held portal device called the portal gun, I was able to solve puzzles in specific test chambers.  The gun can shoot two portals, which are colored orange and blue for identification.  The object of each test chamber is to reach the exit door.  Every test chamber has different conditions that have to be met before reaching the exit.  I rather enjoyed the complexity of these puzzles and to this day, still get stumped on some.  Portal 1 is single player but Portal 2 upped the excitement by adding co-op player mode.

4. Dying Light

dying light

Dying Light is an open world first-person survival horror action-adventure game.  Developed by Techland, Dying Light is about an undercover agent named Kyle Crane who is sent to infiltrate a quarantine zone in Harran.  This zombie apocalypse-themed game is more focused on parkour and weapon-based combat.  The game’s parkour free running mechanics was something new to me.  But by the time the game ended, I felt like I had the parkour mechanics down to perfection (almost).  This game was very good at the melee-combat system, graphics, and day-night cycle.  The day-night cycle was diverse from each other.  During the day, scavenging and completing quest seemed easy compared to what happened at night.  Enemies were slower and more visible during the day.  At night, the infected become much more dangerous.  They are faster and can do more damage.  I had loads of fun leaping over buildings trying to get away from the infected, leveling up to my way of playing, and scavenging items that I can use for crafting weapons and medical equipment.  I was somewhat disappointed in the ending but I still had a lot of fun making my way around the city killing the infected.

5. Final Fantasy XV

final fantasy xv

Final Fantasy is an action role-playing game developed by Square Enix.  This is the 15th installment of the Final Fantasy series.  It is also the first of its series to have a real-time action-based battle system, which I found enjoyable.  The main protagonist, Noctis Lucis Caelum journeys through the world of Eos with his three companions, Gladiolus, Ignis, and Prompto.  The open world is vast, which makes using the car (the Regalia) much more necessary riding a Chocobo.  But I loved driving the long roads, listening to music that was featured in all the Final Fantasy games.  During the game, I was able to get to know all the characters in my party as well as meet some new faces along the way.  My favorite was Prompto always wanting to take pictures.  When it was time to make camp to rest at night, I would go through the pictures taken.  It was fun reminiscing the moments my new virtual friends and I had experienced that day.  The graphics and visual of Eos were impressive.  I found myself taking screenshots of a beautiful layout when I was supposed to be on a quest to find the monster that was terrorizing a local part of this world.  There were moments of tears and joy throughout this game that Square Enix is known for.  Even though this game came out in 2016, they are still adding new content and making the game more interesting.

6. Horizon Zero Dawn

horizon zero dawn

Horizon Zero Dawn is an action role-playing game developed by Guerrilla Games.  Aloy, the main character, is a hunter and archer who lives in a world overran by robots.  The dialogue felt a bit short, but the gameplay was impressive.  The open world, visuals, and combat was astonishing.  I loved submersing myself into this game.  I enjoyed hunting and looting to find useful resources for crafting.  Even after I know the plot of the story, I still have fun going back to replay the game for the real-time combat.  Being able to hit a running robotic animal with an arrow from a far distance is rewarding in its own way.

7. Persona 5

persona 5

Persona 5 is a single player role-playing, social simulation game developed by Atlus.  Playing as the protagonist in this 6th installment of the Persona series, I was able to really connect with my character.  Taking on the role of a high school student, I got to develop special relationships with other characters, also known as Confidants.  Persona is great at capturing general behavior in social simulation.  Improving my Confidants’ rank, gave me bonuses for my party and non-party members.  Persona is about a group of high school students that influence society around them.  The focus is getting the characters to harness the power of their personas, which are manifestations of their inner psyche.   The characters fight in a realm called Metaverse which is a supernatural world made up of the manifestations of humanity’s subconscious desires.  If the manifestations of a single person were large enough, then it would form their own unique “Palace,” which was a distorted version of the world.  Mementos is the Palace for everyone’s heart, as a whole society.  Mementos provided plenty of missions to grind for leveling characters.  Diving into the Metaverse, I was able to become more invested in the story.  Without giving away any spoilers, I would have to say that Persona 5 is game that I could play over and over without getting bored.

8. Dead Space (the whole series)

dead space

The whole series of this game was pretty awesome.  It was creepy and fascinating.  Dead Space is a science fiction survival horror game developed by EA Redwood Shores.  Playing as Isaac Clarke, the player must fight his way through a starship that is infested by some of the most hideous alien creatures.  There are plenty of enemies for combat and puzzles to solve.  Upgrading is easy and effective for Isaac’s suit and weapons.  The story is captivating and keeps me on my toes all the way to the end boss battle.

9. Borderlands (the whole series)


This game I could literally binge-play for 12 hours straight.  Borderlands is an open-world action role-playing first-person shooter, set in space western science fantasy.  The character selection of vault hunters is limited but they have their own personal skill tree that becomes useful during each play-through.  I had tons of fun playing with all the characters in each game.  I think the series is better played with a friend.  The loot system is huge with millions of guns to find.  I get so engrossed in every one of the games in the series.  At every turn, there is always an enemy to find and a chest to loot.

10. YuGiOh: Duelists of Roses


Yu-Gi-Oh is a card battle simulator.  This game is loosely based on the real-world war fought in England in the 15th century between the House of Lancaster and the House of York.  There is a decision to make on which side to choose to be on, but I experienced both sides.  I started out with a weak deck but over time, it got stronger.  This game was the start of my gaming frenzy.  I remember coming home on my break at work, just to get a few minutes of gameplay in.  I had a fairy deck that was over-powered.  My deck was complex with power-up cards that had to be strategically placed and flipped over at the right time.  Even though this game came out in 2001, I still enjoy playing it to this day.




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